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Aurora is currently the largest suburb of Denver with a charming mixture of old and new tree-lined neighborhoods. Aurora is known for its beautiful and carefully tended urban forest, which includes city street trees and public trees in parks, open spaces and medians. If you need an appointment, please call 303-378-8000 or email us at

In 1907, Fletcher was given a new name: Aurora. It was a tiny prairie town at the time, and reached from Yosemite Street to Peoria and 6th Ave to 26th Avenue. Today, Aurora is Colorado’s third-largest city. Home to Fitzsimons Army Hospital, Lowry Air Force Base and Buckley Air Force Base, Aurora is proud of its strong military tradition. If you’re a homeowner and you have ash trees on your property, you should understand the options that are available to you to deal with the emerald ash borer (EAB). DLC Arbor only services

Tree Pruning and Trimming

Do you live in Aurora and own mature hardwood trees? You should know that in order to keep your valuable trees healthy, they need to be periodically pruned. Proper trimming must take place in order to remove dead or dying branches. The risk of harm to your family and property is reduced, plus you are preventing decay and improving the overall health of your tree(s). Another benefit of tree trimming is the reduction of branch density, which will make your trees less susceptible to Aurora’s late spring and early fall snow storms. When the canopy is opened up, it lets more sunlight into the interior of the tree. Proper pruning not only improves your view and the overall appearance and structure of the tree, but it also encourages healthy growth. To determine the type of pruning your trees may need, contact the experts at DLC Arbor.

Treat Your Ash Trees Now

The Colorado State Forest Service strongly recommends that mature ash trees should be treated for emerald ash borers this year. In 2013, the EAB showed up in Colorado and has been spreading ever since. This destructive tree pest has destroyed tens of millions of ash trees east of the Mississippi River. American ash trees have no immunity of their own, and so homeowners must have their ash trees treated in order to provide proper protection. Aurora residents should know that DLC Arbor offers tree trunk injects that will protect ash trees from EAB, lilac borers and other ash tree insects. For the latest news on the EAB, click here.