Columbine Colorado Tree Service

residential and commercial tree trimming and pruning services

Homeowners in Columbine rely on DLC Arbor for any and all of their tree service needs. We are endorsed by Team Dave Logan and are a BBB accredited business. Schedule an appointment with one of our tree experts by giving us a call 303-378-8000 or email us at

The city of Columbine is named after the beautiful Colorado state flower. Columbine residents are proud of their tree-lined neighborhoods, family friendly atmosphere and optimistic and energetic population. Situated in beautiful surroundings, Columbine lies immediately west of Littleton. To get shade fast, softwood trees, such as cottonwoods, were planted in the 1970s and 1980s. Cottonwoods drink over 100 gallons of water per day and can become enormous. DLC Arbor can remove the largest trees in tight places and help homeowners plant new, more appropriate shade trees.

Tree Pruning

The reality is that most trees can be pruned “whenever the saw is sharp.” Because there is an actual monetary value of your trees, pruning can help protect this valuable yard asset. DLC Arbor has been proudly serving the residents of Columbine for years, and we will be happy to set an appointment with you to discuss all of your tree trimming and pruning needs. Click here for more information about our tree trimming services.

Crabapple Fire Blight

Fire blight infests apple, pear trees and other fruit trees whose fruits do not have pits. Fire blight is a bacterial infection and causes fruit tree leaves and branches to have a burnt appearance. Also the tree’s flowers will turn brown and wilt; its twigs shrivel and blacken and its leaves will curl up. In more advanced cases, cankers form on branches that contain amber or reddish ooze. Infected crabapple trees can be treated with aggressive pruning. Contact DLC Arbor to set an appointment to discuss the most cost-effective strategy for dealing with fire blight and other tree health issues.