Denver Tree Service

residential and commercial tree trimming and pruning services

DLC Arbor has been proudly serving the Denver area for over 30 years. If you’re in need of tree service, you should know that we are a BBB accredited business and are also endorsed by Team Dave Logan. For an appointment, email us at or give us a call at 303-378-8000.

Denver residents are proud of their beautiful variety of parks and scenic tree-lined streets. Did you know that most of the 1.4 million trees in the Denver area were actually planted? Horticulturists have worked hard for generations to develop trees sturdy enough for life on the Front Range. Because of this, many species of trees not only survive the Colorado climate, they thrive. If you have a tree you’re concerned about or if you’re ready for a tree insect inspection, please call DLC - a trusted and license residential arbor company.

Take Action Against the Emerald Ash Borer Now!

The urban forest in Denver is comprised of over 200,000 ash trees. The Colorado State Forest Service as well as the Denver City Foresters recommend that mature ash trees be treated for emerald ash borer (EAB) this year. Tens of millions of ash trees in the eastern part of the U.S. have been devoured by this tree pest since American ash trees have no immunity. Homeowners should act now to save their ash trees since the EAB is currently in Colorado. Homeowners who would like to cut costs should go ahead and opt to protect their ash trees from the EAB, lilac borers and other ash tree pests all at once. For the latest news on the EAB insect control, click here.

Silver Maple and Oak Tree Pruning

You’ll spot many beautiful silver maples and oak trees throughout neighborhoods in Denver. A good number of these trees were planted 50 to 100 years ago. In order to withstand Denver's snow storms and prevent storm damage, these trees need to be pruned regularly. For more information about DLC's tree pruning services, click here.

Large Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

Back in November of 2014, the polar plunge affected many trees in the Denver urban forest. Due to the dramatic drop in temperature that month, as well as the fact that trees had not had the chance to harden yet, many trees in Denver were flash frozen. Take a look at the oak trees in your yard, and check for black shriveled twigs or dead buds. The tree has probably died if it doesn’t bud. Perhaps you have oak or maple trees on your property that have gotten so large they are beginning to cause problems. At DLC Arbor, we have the equipment necessary to safely remove the largest trees found in the Denver area. For more information about large tree removal, click here.