Englewood Colorado Tree Service

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Englewood residents should know that DLC Arbor Service is a BBB accredited business and is endorsed by Team Dave Logan. To schedule an appointment, please call 303-378-8000 or email us at info@dlcarbor.com.

Miners panning for gold near the confluence of Little Dry Creek and the South Platte were responsible for establishing Englewood during the mid-1800s. Once gold was discovered, these prospectors decided to cancel their journey to California and put down roots. Some residents may not be aware that Englewood means “wood nook.” DLC Arbor is proud to serve these charming tree-lined neighborhoods.

Take Action Against the Emerald Ash Borer Now

About 15 percent of Englewood’s trees are ash trees. The emerald ash borer (EAB) that arrived in Colorado in 2013 has put these ash trees in danger. Tens of millions of ash trees in the eastern part of the U.S. have been decimated by this tree pest. The Colorado State Forest Service strongly recommends that mature ash trees are treated this year for emerald ash borer (EAB). At DLC Arbor, we have the expertise to treat your ash trees for EAB, lilac borers and other ash tree pests. Click here for the latest news on the EAB.

Grateful for American Elms

The destruction caused by the Dutch elm beetle has been stalled by Colorado’s cool and dry climate. This type of beetle carries a fungus that kills American elms. However, your American elm trees should still be treated for the fungus. Established American elm trees grace many of the older neighborhoods in Englewood. DLC Arbor recommends having dead wood removed periodically to keep your elms vigorous and strong in order to fend off beetle attacks. If you are an Englewood homeowner, contact us to create a tree maintenance program that will keep your Americans elms healthy.