The Highlands Denver Tree Service

residential and commercial tree trimming and pruning services

Many Highlands residents live in antique homes on streets lined with mature hardwood trees. Need tree service? DLC Arbor is a BBB accredited tree service business and endorsed by Team Dave Logan.

The town site of Highlands was founded at about the same time as Denver. The Highlands neighborhood is an ideal blend of the historic with close proximity to modern downtown Denver. Highlands encompasses a two hundred fifty acre section northwest of downtown Denver. While enjoying the best of downtown living, many residents live in antique homes on streets lined with mature hardwood trees. The most common tree is the silver maple. For silver maple tree pruning and care, please call 303 378-8000 or email us at for an appointment.

Silver Maple Trees

Silver maples were planted around 100 years ago in the Highlands because they grew fast and provided much needed shade. They can grow to over 80 feet tall and are quite majestic. Since silver maples grow so quickly, they require more pruning than other hardwood trees. Click here for more information about tree pruning.

Tree Replacement

The deep freeze of November 2014 killed many of these trees in the Denver area. Older silver maple trees are prone to hollowing. A large hollow tree can be a hazard and should be promptly removed. The urban forest is gradually transitioning away from silver maples and other soft hardwoods. Older silver maples and American elms are being replaced by coffee trees, oaks and other hardy trees which are better suited for urban environments. DLC Arbor Services can safely remove aged, diseased trees and help homeowners select appropriate trees for replacement. Click here for information about tree removal and stump removal.