Morrison Colorado Tree Service

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Denver’s mountain communities have been relying on DLC Arbor Service since 1980. We are a full-service tree company. Give DLC Arbor a call at 303 378-8000 or email us at for a tree service appointment. We are a highly rated company on BBB, Angie’s List and Team Dave Logan.

Another gold rush city that prospered during the Front Range Gold Rush is Morrison. When a narrow-gauge railroad was built between Platte River to Mt. Morrison, this pleasant town got its start. Morrison residents benefit from easy access to Denver, while relishing the peace of mountain living at its finest.

Ponderosa Pines

Also known as the western yellow pine tree, ponderosa pines are commonly used as Christmas trees throughout Colorado. A threat to ponderosa pines is the sawfly wasp. This wasp damages trees by defoliating them. It also causes destruction by laying eggs and then the baby wasps feed on pine needles. A sawfly wasp infestation is unfortunately able to kill trees within three years. To discuss sawfly wasp treatments, call DLC Arbor Service now. DLC has put together a handy insect calendar to provide more information about tree insects common to the Front Range. Take a look at the calendar here.

Mountain Yard Tree Landscapes

Yards in Morrison are mostly made up of rock with little access to water, which means that landscaping can be a real challenge. Other factors that must be considered are wind and snow tolerance. If you’re looking for landscaping inspiration, the DLC Arborist is available to help you find trees that will not only meet this criteria, but will also thrive and look great in your landscape.