29 Apr 2015 / by tuckerdog / Tree Health

Will Not Be Fooled Again

bush stunned by frost

About ten years ago, the bushes in front of this house looked like the picture above. It was spring and the leafs were dried out and brown. It was assumed the bushes were dead. One bush was dug up, put it in a large pot and placed it in an out of way spot in the yard. A replacement bush was purchased and planted. About a month later the assumed dead bush in the pot sprouted green leafs. The resurrected bush was re-planted in the side garden and as the picture shows it likes its spot.

Last November was unseasonably warm, then in one day it dropped way below freezing. Needless to say, many hardwood trees, pines and bushes were caught by surprise. They had not started the winter hardening process. As hardwood trees and bushes prepare for the winter, they start to reabsorb nutrients and cut off the fluids that keep leaves green. This is what causes leaves to drop off in the fall each year. If you drive through Washington Park, there are many trees that did not drop their leaves like the bushes above.

bush that came back from the dead

A closer looks shows that the bush is sprouting new leafs. Squeeze the buds, if they are soft then the bud is still alive. There is no need to replace these bushes. For a better explanation of what happens to trees when there is an early cold snap, please check out this video on the DLC Arbor Facebook page.