• residential and commercial tree trimming and pruning services

Stump Grinding & Removal

Are there stumps getting in the way of your next landscaping project? DLC Arbor will grind any size stump down for you to provide the space you need.

When it comes to stumps, no stump is too big or too small for DLC Arbor. The most cost-effective way to remove stumps from a yard and reclaim valuable landscape area is by grinding them. DLC Arbor uses Vermeer stump grinders because of their power and extreme maneuverability. The Vermeer will take care of extremely large stumps while minimizing damage to your yard. DLC can grind stumps four to six inches below grade. For dealing safely with small stumps in fenced backyards, we use the reliable Toro Dingo stump grinding attachment. The tried and true Dingo is able to pass through most gates without any issues. For a free stump grinding estimate, please contact DLC Arbor Services by calling 303-378-8000 or emailing us at info@dlcarbor.com.

Replacement Trees

DLC Arbor has removed a tree and stump in your yard. Now what? We are happy to help homeowners with tree replacement. Our arborist will suggest trees that offer easy maintenance, insect and disease-resistance that can also withstand the wind and storms common to the Denver area. We can even plant it for you in the location that is most ideal. To see a list of the City of Denver’s recommended trees, click here.