• residential and commercial tree trimming and pruning services

Tree and Branch Trimming and Pruning

“Nobody prunes the trees in the forest, so why do I need my trees pruned?”

Tree pruning keeps valuable yard assets healthy so they can continue to offer shade and natural beauty to your urban environment. DLC is a licensed and trusted tree care expert that is a BBB Accredited tree service company and endorsed by Team Dave Logan.

Most landscape trees are forest trees. In their native environment they grow extremely close together with very little light and space, causing them to grow tall and straight with short, evenly spaced branches. In the landscape, these same trees are surrounded with light and abundant space. This allows them to grow erratically with large, crowded, forked branches and trunks. They break easily in storms and the crowded leaves lack the light and space needed for vigorous photosynthesis. All landscape trees must be pruned 5 times in their first 25 years to overcome this erratic growth and re-establish proper form. Mature trees with proper form can then be pruned at 5 to 7 year intervals. Call us at 303-378-8000 or email at info@dlcarbor.com for tree trimming and pruning.

The Value of Trees

There is an actual monetary value of your trees. An easy method of estimating the worth of your trees is to take 5% of the total real estate value of the property. The average home in Denver in 2015 was $402,302 according to the Denver Post. That means that the trees on this property are worth an average of $20,115! That’s an investment worth taking care of. Of course the shade, beauty, aesthetic and wildlife benefits are priceless.

Tree Pruning Services

The reality is that most trees can be pruned “whenever the saw is sharp,” and they can be properly pruned 12 months of the year. The times we wait to prune are when the tree is diseased or very weak and there is a specific time of the year when the tree can best tolerate the pruning; these cases are rare. Below is a list of the most common types of pruning DLC Arbor offers:

  1. Class III Coarse Prune [Safety Prune] – Removal of storm damage and large deadwood, clearance from streets, sidewalks, buildings and above lawn.
  2. Class II Standard Prune – Removal of dead, dying, weak or diseased limbs, removal of crossing, crowded or rubbing branches, clearance pruning, removal or reduction of limbs growing in the wrong direction or interfering with other branches.
  3. Class I Fine Prune – Includes Standard Pruning plus the reduction of long and tall limbs to shape crown and reduce the likelihood of damage during storms.